Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 03/14/2010)

Question: You're treating your parents who've always looked after you to a meal. What do you make them?

Stew!!! With corn, sweet potatoes, 
squash, carrots, and... broccoli! I want to 
use lots of my own original ingredients!!

Hm... Nabe!! 
But, is that cooking?!! (LOL)

EririnKiriboshi daikon.

SayuminChawanmushi. A long time ago my father told me, "The first thing your mother cooked for me was chawanmushi," so I want to make them something with special meaning to them↑↑(>▽<)

Tanaka-sanSukiyaki ♪ No real reason for it →(^ω∩*)

MittsiI made ground beef and matcha parfaits with ice dumplings for them before, but maybe Chinese soup with bean threads?! ☆

JunjunWater spinach (-v-)It's the healthiest

LinlinMy mother and father both like seafood, so I'd start with jellyfish or shrimp chili. For dessert, cake with lots of fruit on top... Sounds good (>▽<)

I'm not really familiar with these kind of food, so I quickly searched about it. I love Ai-chan specialty, sweet potatoes and corn for a combination tastes good for a stew. Nabe is a variety of Japanese food, so that's more variety to explain. Eririn's kiriboshi daikon sure is healthy. it may be dried vegetables, but it's still healthy. The chawanmushi of sayumi is very memorable for her parents. that's so sweet, isn't it? This dish is said to be an egg custard dish originally from Japan. Reina's sukiyaki is part of nabe which is Gaki's answer. So that's what nabe has. Mittsi's been addicted to chinese dishes, isn't she? Junjun's original chinese dish, water spoinach. It is a leafy vegetables, seems to be very healthy as what she said. Linlin dish is a seafood type, and lastly with sweet dessert. Momusu's really good when they treat their parents for dinner, many ideas coming from them..


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