Friday, November 5, 2010

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 01/17/2010)

Question: Being called which of these three would make you the happiest: Pretty, Cute, or Sexy?

Takahashi-san: Pretty!!

Gaki-san: Hmm.. It depends on who's saying it. (laughs)

Eririn: Ee.. Right now, I feel like any of those are fine..I have to choose? Okay! so pretty then

Sayumin: Cute.. But lately, I feel I'm the only one calling myself cute..

Tanaka-san: Cute!!! definitely cute..

Mittsi: Cute..I think? I'm not really aiming to be sexy...and being called pretty is better when I'm older?! I think

Junjun: Any of those makes me happy-nyan.. If I were to put those in order "hii-hii"..(laughs) 1.cute 2.pretty

Linlin: all three in one sentence would make me the happiest

Gaki never answer the specific one, she only says it depends or anything. Ai-chan is pretty, no doubt of that. Eri really chose one, pretty, well, she really is pretty. Sayumi's totally cute, I wonder why it's only herself calling her that. Reina's cute of course, the anime of the group. Aika's cute, her smile, voice and everything about her. Junjun made it in order, satisfying though. Linlin's answer makes sense though, making it in one sentence makes her happy. 


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