Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Favorite PVs of All Time! :)

I really miss writing here, and I've been a little mental blank because of pressure in school. So, as a come back, I want to write something I really want to share.
Sometimes, music videos in H!P makes the song catchy, and sometimes, the songs in H!P makes the PV very catchy, or maybe both. That's only a point from me, I don't know about how the other fans think. But I will stick with 'Songs in H!P makes the PV very catchy'
I will make this as a countdown, from 10th to the 1st.
My 10th Favorite H!P PV
Tadaaa! S/mileage's Ama no Jaku

S/mileage's debut single is the one that catches my attention to love the group. Mostly because of Sakitty, her voice is just so amazing. I once watched a live performance of this one and her voice really hit me. Their dance is so catchy that made me dance too. They really got an amazing debut PV and it's totally the top 10 on my list.

9th Favorite PV is Mano Erina's Genkimono de Ikou!

Mano's voice is really sweet and very angelic. Seeing and hearing her perform a very genki song makes my eyes twinkle as I watched her PV. It's very addicted too. Especially since the PV got a lot of people and characters, which we can say as a movie-like. Well, before seeing the PV, I already felt my thrilled heart bouncing around after hearing that this will be directed by someone and will make it like a movie.
All of the characters dances along with Mano and the 4 eggs. Another addition for my reasons because her outfits is totally a KAWAII!!!

8th favorite PV is H!P All Stars One for all and All for One!

I was hoping that MoBeKiMaSu will have a PV just like this, very light and energetic, but it turned out to be darker and not so energetic. I still don't know who the other members are in this PV, I only know the Momusu, the H!P kids and some of the eggs. The groups such as the Melon Kinebi and the others are still unknown for me. Their unity in the song is very heartwhelming. This one is just something you will never forget in the H!P history.

Oooops! We have a tie! Berryz Koubou's Special Generation

There's a lot of reasons why I love this PV: Because of Captain's dancing, Risako's charm, the catchy dance shot and refreshing song. Berryz Koubou is not one of my most favorite groups, but this song is an exception.

7th Favorite PV is.. Tadaaa~! Morning Musume's Kanashimi Twilight

I can describe this one as a very rockish song. Since it's Yoshi's graduation single, we can really expect something that connects with her boyish personality. What I really like and love in this one is the dance shot and Mikitty's angelic voice. With the lighting effects, it gives the perfect feeling to fit for the song. Their yanki outfits rates 11 out of 10 for me.. :) and I can say that this generation is one of my most favorite in Momusu.

6th Favorite PV is....  Momusu's Joshi Kashimasi Monogatari

This is one of the funniest, and of course my favorite song and PV of Momusu. It's not an ordinary song since it talks about theirselves which is something interesting. I was still confused about this song when I first heard it, but when I found out what the song means, it's like a "LAST SONG SYNDROME" :) and it's lyrics keeps changing which we really look forward everytime they perform it live.

5th Favorite PV is.. tadaaaa~! C-ute Namida no Iro

C-ute releases a lot of different types of singles, and they also have different type of songs. They can have ballad, genki, a mature one, or something which is very cute. What I love about C-ute is that any type of song fits them. Even if they still sing Ooki na Ai de Motenashite (just an example) right now, even if they are now grown ups, we can't say that they can't sing that song anymore. They can be cute, they can also be mature and it really depends on which song they are performing. Namida no Iro has a very spanish-style. The instrumental, the cool outfits, and the setting. I never thought that it was filmed in their studio. XD I really thought that it's an outdoor setting.. Well, maybe because of the sunlight effects.

4th Favorite PV is... Morning Musume's Nanchatte Renai

Nanchatte Renai, one of the best PVs of Momusu. My favorite generation in Momusu has Ai-chan, Gaki, Eri, Reina, Sayu, Mittsi, Junjun, Linlin, and of course Koharu. The instrumental made me get addicted, and I keep singing it when I felt sadness. Actually, even though it's a sad song, it energizes me to stand up again.

3rd Favorite PV is... S/mileage's Uchouten Love

I never thought that this single will be Sakitty's last one. She really gave us an unexpected announcement. She's the reason why I love S/mileage, and I really miss her so much. Well, I'm happy that she got an amazing single before taking off in the entertainment business. This is the most energetic song I ever heard in S/mileage. It keeps me dancing whenever I'm listening to it.

 Well, seems that there's still no Buono on my list.. Don't worry! They are part of my top 2!
Buono's Our Songs is my favorite!

It's so hard to choose between these two. They're both amazing, and it's so hard to tell. We can already tell why I love Buono, that's because they are amazing and consisting 3 talented idols that everyone loves.
The PV is extraordinary and the close ups are just my favorite..
2nd Favorite is.... C-ute's Aitai Lonely Christmas

I was totally disappointed at first when I found out that they don't have a dance shot. Well, since it's a slow song, we can expect a little about not having a dance shot. The PV is just so amazing, and we can't say that it's horrible. I don't know how the others think about this one, as long as this one is a totally hit of C-ute. Though they didn't include the dance shot in the PV, it is still very satisfying because of a lot of scenes. Maimai's outfit is the best too. :)

My Most Favorite PV is....... C-ute's Tokaikko Junjou!

No one can beat my love in C-ute. They are always the best for me, and they are always number 1 for me.. Well, the other H!P groups are also great, they are just so special for me. No worries, I don't hate anyone or anything about in H!P. Tokaikko Junjou is very unique, and their choreography is so flawless. Maimai's dancing impresses me most. She stood up so much in the PV.

I think that's all for today. I apologize for being very active from the past few days and weeks because of my school work, and I will be busier until the school year ends this coming April. I will do my best to update the blog. I still have nothing to worry since there is Admin Min, Miu, Miyo, and also Nekomimi who will take care Chuu Sugoi Idol.
I hope you enjoyed reading my entry, I really had a very hard time choosing my top 10 H!P PVs. Anyways, have a good day to everyone!


  1. hmm.. there was no eggs in H!P all stars. well there was a debuted egg in v-u-den. the rest were country musume, v-u-den, melon kinenbi, soloists, and some former momusu members.


    1. actually, there are some eggs such as the old 4 S/mileage members which were wearing the same uniform as the H!P kids