Saturday, February 11, 2012

Airi Suzuki is the Most Voted Favorite in Hello!Project!

Airi won another poll again! How many times did she won? 5th or 6th times already?
It's no wonder, since she's a very talented and of course, a very popular idol. She beats Gaki, Captain, and Kanon in the poll with 42% votes.. WHOA! Then, maybe Admin Miu will make another, and I think, will be a little bit bigger banner this time.. :)
Well, well, for the next poll.. What can we have? I'll be asking the fans later.. Maybe the pairings in H!P will be good.. Then, I'll ask the fans if who are their favorite pairs and I'll pick 5 of them to be up in the poll.. :) Please look forward to it!


  1. No offense to Airi fans......but I think she's too overrated. I don't like her personally because she gets too much attention in H!P. She always gets way more lines than others in PVs and she's always in the center. But her talents are definitely one of the best, I will admit that. What's the point of making all the polls if we all know she's gonna snag the winning spot? It's pointless and only promotes her popularity more over every other H!P member.

  2. I totally agree with you!!! :O
    Although she has talent but it is not the only, over there is not that the 'talent' but also the tone of voice that counts and I find his tone of voice trite compared to others.
    plus it is true that it has too much attention to H! P while in ° C-ute lines are increasingly spread he adds in Buono!
    So there's a little tired ...
    sorry for my bad English ^^;