Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy 27th Birthday to Ishikawa Rika~^^~!!!

Hello everyone yesterday(1/19) was Rika-chan's 27th birthday!!! Let's all wish her a very very happy and lovely birthday~^^~!

Like everyone knows, Rika-chan joined Hello! Project as a member of Morning Musume's 4th Generation!
And 2001, Rika-chan got one of the most important part in Morning Musume's 12th single, "The☆Peace"~^^~!!!
And later on May 7, 2005, Rika-chan only graduated from Morning Musume to concentrate her efforts on v-u-den. She didn't graduated from H!P at that time!
And later on October 12, 2008, it was announced that Ishikawa was going to be paired up with fellow ex-Morning Musume member Yoshizawa Hitomi in the new unit Hangry & Angry in collaboration with a Harajuku fashion store of the same name. And Hangry & Angry made their first United States performance at Sakura-Con in Seattle, Washington in April 2009!!!
On March 31, 2009, Rika-chan & all the other members of Elder Club graduated from H!P~
For celebrating the 13th birthday of Morning Musume, on January 28th, as the
original Morning Musume debuted on that date in 1998, the Rika-chan & other ex-MM members officially
debuted at a press conference for official medias and some people of the fanclub
at the Sun Plaza in Nakano as Dream Morning

And here's some interething trivias about her:

* Ishikawa has been in the most Hello! Project units out of all the members.

* Her Morning Musume mentor was Yasuda Kei.

* She considers her mother her rival because she always said to Ishikawa that she used to be cuter.

* One of her nicknames as a child was "Chimu", due to the fact that she used to be chubby (muchimuchi).

* Her favorite baseball team is the Hanshin Tigers.

* She previously suffered from severe ornithophobia (fear of birds), which was frequently made fun of during her appearances on Utaban. During a 2005 New Year's Day special, however, she seemed to respond well to hypnotherapy, and she has mostly outgrown her fear since then.

* Best friends with Shibata Ayumi. Also known to get along well with Yasuda Kei and Yaguchi Mari. Ayaka has also stated that they often hang out together, along with Yoshizawa Hitomi and Satoda Mai.

* Hates injections, and stated that she has it tough, since she has small, hard-to-find blood vessels.

* Is known amongst members to have a very noticeable chin. Abe Natsumi sometimes calls her "Ago-chan" ("Ago" means "chin"). Yoshizawa Hitomi constantly teases her about her chin as well.

* While she was the host in Hello!Morning she had the nickname "Charmy", due to her charming and narcissistic personality.

I hope all of her dreams and wishes will come true in the future~~

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