Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Minna-san~!

It's now Christmas day! YAY! Merry Christmas everyone~!
I want to greet you all a Merry Christmas by sharing some wonderful video clips and photos of our H!P idols!

We will see S/mileage wearing their Santa outfits.. Kawaii nee~? oooooooops! Who's in the end? I don't seem to notice her?

Tadaaa~! Meimi has bangs now and whoa! she cut her hair shorter? I'm going to miss her looong hair for sure.. :)

Here's our Santa Berryz! They're so cute with their santa outfit.. Especially Momochi, with that reindeer headband.. XD
Santa Momo~!
C-ute got the most many photos I got in the Hello!Online picboard, so, I'll share them all now..
SAKI! hahaha..
 C-ute's always cute, and they get cuter everyday.. 
 Maimi's not here, and wondered where she is.. '_'
Saki the Red nose Reindeer, NA~NA~NA~NA~NA~! (I forgot the lyrics :P)
C-ute wearing a Christmas tree outift! :)
 I didn't see any Morning Musume group picture for Christmas, so I'll just share you guys our 6th gen kawaii members!
I think these photos are from their premium christmas dinner show, nee~?
and look! Reina got us a Blue Christmas tree~!
and this one too.. Pretty~!
 Koha the Miracle girl~!
Koha, Eripon, along with those guys too..
Ai-chan, the prettiest santa I ever seen.. (note: I got this from her blog's banner :P)

I just found a photo of 10th gen, so here it is.. Big thanks to Morning Musume Fanpage in Facebook!

Video time!
Let's enjoy some performance of our dear H!P idols singing some Christmas songs!

Sayu and Koha, who loves to perform Rainbow Pink, now sings "Merry Pink Christmas", I think.. I can't really read the title, so I only guess it in their performance..:)

Berryz Koubou will be singing us a wonderful Christmas medley.. Be sure to watch it!

We don't have a lonely Christmas, right? But since C-ute have this awesome single, I'll share it to you.. It has the most fair line distribution [I think], and I really love it.. their outfits too, so stunning, especially Maimai's..

This one is the Christmas gift from Morning Musume, as you can see at the very beginning.. :) and don't forget to wear your most cheerful smile before watching this!

C-ute is not only good with vocals, but also good with bells too! They used it to perform a Christmas song called "Silent Night".. Enjoy!

Here's also Morning Musume singing Silent Night..

This one is pretty good too.. Morning Musume singing White Christmas.. The vocals blends amazingly..

The cutest performance yet! Morning Musume dancing Rudolf the red nose reindeer while wearing those cuuuuuuuuuute reindeer outifts..

This one is a medley of Morning Musume along with other artists outside of H!P
Oooooooooooops! We're not yet done! We're still going to enjoy a funny Christmas episode of Morning Musume along with Yuko-san and a special guest too..

Since Charmy mentioned this song earlier, I want to hear and see the MV myself since I still didn't. I love the different scenes, especially the part where the girls are preparing.. 

So, did you guys enjoy? 
and did you receive your gifts too? :) 
Merry Christmas to Everyone
Have a Prosperous New Year!

It's not MY videos, but since I found it while surfing in YT, I'll be sharing it with you all..
Big credits to the uploders too! Photos are all from the Hello!Online Picboard

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