Monday, December 26, 2011

Buono rocked the HP wotasphere this 2011

Buono wins our latest poll "Which HP artist/s rocked 2011?" in which choices were made not based on personal favorites but based on objective opinions as to which group really did great this year! And yay! I'm happy that they won since it was a pretty close fight with Morning Musume. They really deserve to be recognized this time.

Poll Result:
Morning Musume- 87 Votes (28%)
Berryz Kobou- 23 votes (7%)
C-ute - 56 votes (18%)
Buono - 90 votes (29%)
S/mileage - 43 votes (13%)
Mano Erina- 9 votes (2%)

2011 has been big for Buono,They opened their official Youtube channel and Ameba blog. They had their come back single last february 2011 as an official group in Hello Project and released 2 awesome and not to mention expensive PVs with Zassou no Uta and Juicy Heart. It was announced that they will have their summer live tour "Rock'n Buono 4" w/c made alot of fans happy cause this means Buono is back in pursuing their career!

Then came Natsu Dakara w/c was different from their usual songs, it was more of a calm buono than the rockish buono that we're used to. Natsu Dakara was like a signal for a big music transition that will happen to Buono and it collaborated w/ the game, Forsaken World. And just this year, Buono had their very first horror movie, "Gomenasai" and featured some HP members too.

Buono's 1st mini album, Partenza, w/c is an italian word meaning "departure, starting point, taking off", came out and surprised fans w/ the variety of songs in the album, starting w/ Partenza~Let's Go! w/c is something REALLY new and no one from HP, I belive has done something like that before! It's auto-tuned and has the electro feel in it. In fact, fans had a split opinion w/ regards to this song, others think it's kind of "kpop" and didn't like the auto-tune but others, including myself, were really impressed and happy with this song because it's a new twist for Buono. The girls also had their "solo" songs in the album and I personally liked Airi's "My Alright Sky".

Buono also appeared in J-melo as part of their Female Idol Special w/ Morning Musume and S/mileage. But 2011 isn't just about Buono getting alot of blessings, they also shared this blessings by attending a cervical cancer awareness event "Hello Smile Live Fall 2011" and it's really nice way of showing everyone that they want to help out those with this diseases. And speaking of live, it was also this year that they streamed their Rock'n Buono 4 concert performance at the Yokohama Blitz live in Youtube, in which I unfortunately missed!!! T.T

And one of the best announcement by Buono this year was that they're going to perform in PARIS!!!! And guess what? TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT!

But before the year ends, we get to see the PVs for their double A-side 13th single "Deep Mind/ Hatsukoi Cider" w/c received alot of positive comments. And this single gets to have a Triple tie-in; Deep Mind as Gomenasai movie theme song and Hatsukoi Cider will serve as an ending theme song for NTV's music show, Happy Music and Sayu and Reina's drama Suugaku Joshi Gakuen!!

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Omedetou Buono!
Hope Every Buono fans out there will have a Rockin
g Christmas and Banging New Year!

Natsuyaki Miyabi

Suzuki Airi

Momoko Tsugunaga

YES, you are the BEST this Year =)


  1. Yay! Who would have thought from the days of Honto no Jibun that these guys would be one of the highest earning groups? I did ^~^

    Love the Christmas pics of the girls.

    And hey, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  2. Yay, I love Buono!!!!! This H!P group is so amazing and made up off awesome singers.