Friday, December 23, 2011

Buono is so Badass w/ Deep Mind!

Could Buono get any better??? Gosh! They are so great!!! Buono is far by the most versatile group for me w/in HP they could go in any range or genre and still look stunning and sound amazing! What I like about them is that they could give us a variety of music and nail it w/ their awesome vocals!

Is it just me or do I hear some "My Boy" intro here??? but I don't care if they rip off some My Boy intro here, I LOVE IT!! Deep Mind has the dark theme in it w/c I think is to coincide w/ the Horror Movie they have. The MV is actually pretty simple but it has something in it that really makes it one of their best MVs. Just like their Hatsukoi Cider, this is an example that despite not having a big budget, the management or staff could still put up something that doesn't look cheap! I always hated cheap HP PVs and I refuse to comment on most of it but ever since S/mileage's Please Mini Skirt Postwoman, Hatsukoi Cider and now this one? Finally, I think UFA is back to its senses and starts to put some efforts on PVs.

I like how everyone gets to be the center here, an equal spotlight. Buono really has some talent and I hope UFA doesn't neglect that and give them more promotions. The song is growing in me and I love their vocals, everyone did great. Airi is great as always and I appreciate how Momoko doesn't have a squeky voice here!!! But I think Miya owns this one! Her vocals really stand out to me in this one!

The whole thing kind of reminds me of Scandal, LOL....I miss this Rock-ish Buono and I'm glad they're back w/ a fiercer image. Song, PV, Costumes, Band, Vocals...what more can I ask for?

Please Support this single!!! And I hope this will have a good sales and rankings at the Oricon!!! Let this be their No. 1 Single!!! =)

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