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SayUstream Episode Translation: Guests are Yajima Maimi and Okai Chisato

I just found a translation of Sayu's recent episode in her SayUstream which the guests are Maimi and Chisa..
It's not yet completed but I'll update it later as soon as the translator finished it.
Here it is! ENJOY~!

1: Fashion Check Corner
Sayu: First, In this program. Every guests must show your fashion.
Maimi-Chisato  stand up.
Sayu: Yajima-chan’s clothes is cute! It looks like “Autumn”! Oh! Sorry I said only “Maimi-chan”
Chisato: It’s OK! I don’t mind it.
Sayu: tell me your fashion’s point.
Maimi:I don’t thinking specially about my clothes. Just wear this one.
Sayu: Really? It’s so cute!
Chisato: You must have thought about it a little!
Maimi: At all. I didn’t know there is a fashion check corner. I wore knitted as it is autumn.
Sayu:Is this skirt?
Maimi: this is culotte
Sayu: Wow cute! The dress really fits you. I like your boots. You look like Barbie.
Sayu. Tell me your clothes, Okai-chan
Chisato: My theme is… “Collaboration of autumn and summer”
Sayu: yes, your upper half is autumn and bottom half is summer. Your bottom is for hot summer day.!
Chisato: Could you hear the truth reason? Before this filming, We practiced for Concert. Immediately, we have to go out the studio after the rehearsal. I prepare the clothes for this filming. I put my upper clothes in my bag. But I forgot other bag in which I put my bottom clothes.    
Sayu: Eeeee! You had short pants?
Chisato: NO… I borrowed this. I often were this pants in C-ute’s event.
Sayu: Upper is your clothes but Bottom is … embarrassing?
Chisato: yes but this is service for viewer.
Sayu: You are too skimpy XD
Maimi: well, it is not your fashion?
Chisato: Frankly say, It is different only pants what I wanted wear. Almost same fashion!
Sayu: Shoes, It is not your image “Okai-Boy”
Chisato:This is my mothers shoes. 

2 Mobekimasu Box
Maimi is going to draw in the box. ” I have a bad feeling about this”
“Momoco Tsugunaga”
Sayu: you are right. Well, Momoco Tsugunaga. Nickname is Momochi!
Chisato: She just said. Only few persons know it.
Maimi: But Momo get angry, when we call her momoco.
Sayu: Really?
Sayu:yeah She say “momo-CHI” well, she is 19 years old. She is elder.
Maimi: same years old as me.
Sayu: I can’t believe it.
Chisato: She looks like same years old as me.
Sayu: yes. Yajima-chan looks like adult? No, Probably, Momoco-chan looks like child.  
………. Well, What girl she is?
Chisato: In the dress room, she has atmosphere of Elder sister.
Sayu: Really?
Maimi: yes. She steady hand. Well, Usually She said her cuteness by herself. So I say about it.
Sayu: Wow Cute! Such a Yajima-chan!
Maimi: If I sit near momo. She leaned on my shoulder.
Sayu: I have the image. She is a wheedling child!
Maimi:yes. When I sat on the floor, she put her head on my buttocks.
Chisato: If momo-chan did it to me. I beat her head.
Chisato: If there is Momo-chan’s head on my buttocks, I’ll shout “What do you doing!”
Sayu: Yeah I’ll finch too.
Chisato; so kind!
Sayu: I think yajima-chan is really kind. You are always kind. Have you ever become irritated? Okai-chan have you ever watched it?
Chisato I have seen she got angry, one or two times. However she got angry, her saying is always correct. So we just say “I am sorry”   
Sayu:wow I am impressed! Good Leader!
Chisato:Yes she is! Last time, we have quarrel, then Maimi-chan scold us “I think it is wrong….”  
Sayu: Great!
Maimi: wow. Thank you but. This is a not corner like this.
Sayu: yeah, we should talk about momoco-chan. Okai-chan, tell me about momo-chan.
Chisato: Momo-chan, Momochan is… I was same team with Momo-chan. In the time, She thought she must behave as elder sister? She support us very much.
Sayu: well, she say “I am Cute!” every time. But, in the backstage, She is steady person?
Chisato: yes. I think so. The reason is she is an oldest sister (in Momoco’s family)
Sayu:he.. She is an elder sister for BerryKyuu, isn’t it?
Maimi: is it true?
Chisato: In the berrykyuu, She is not. Some member think momo-chan is an elder sister. But someone think she is not.
Maimi:In the BerryKyuu, There is eldest member “Saki Shimizu”. So she didn’t behave as an elder sister.
Chisato:Probably she feel easy in BerryKyuu.
Sayu: Oh! She manage to behave the character on the TV? (forward to Momo’s pic) Good job! Well, I can understand her feelings XD We are similar character. You don’t think so?
Chisato: Indeed, Similar character. but. Michishige-san is really cute. I think it is OK. But Momo-chan’s behavior is.. her moving is very disgusting.
Sayu: XDD, But I have thought it too. Especially Her arms moving!
Chisato: yes. But it is her character.
Sayu: Fan will be glad, because they can always watch that Momo. She keep her character every time. We have to learn it from momo.

2 Mobekimasu Box part2

Chisato draw in the box.
Chisato:”Suzuki Airi!”
Sayu: Oh! Same team member!
Chisato: Airi, Airi is a person whom I envy. Airi is really skillful!
Sayu: yes I think so.
Chisato: she can do anything. She looks like being nonathletic. But she is good at sports. She looks like slow of foot.
Sayu: yes. She is a soft girl. Not aggressive. 
Chisato: But she is not slow. The time of playing the instrument, she can play easily.
Sayu; She can draw well too. In addition, she is good at studies. Of course Singing and Dancing…
Chisato: yes.
Sayu: What she can’t do?
Maimi: Airi get interested everything. Whenever she become curious something, She must check it out. So she can do everything.
Sayu: she has a great deal of curiosity, isn’t it?
Chisato: yes. I heard she often learned dancing from even her friends. She always learned a lot, when we didn’t see her.
Sayu: you can analysis her very well. I think you are awesome too.
Chisato:well, I really really envy Airi. Her existence.
Sayu: It is good for you that. The girl is in your group.
Chisato: she is same years old and..
Sayu: Same years old!! Oh! You should learn from her more XD I have a image Okai-chan is a kid.
Chisato: I am often said it. Everybody think I am same years old as Mai.
Sayu: We have old days image..
Chisato: but I looks like elder than Yuuka(Smileage)
Sayu: certainly.
Chisato: it is my anchor. Anyway, Airi is great. I think so.
Maimi; but Airi is usually a fluffy girl. She sleep soon every time.
Sayu: kawaii…
Maimi: During a displacement, Airi sleep with holding a canned juice. It was opened the cap.
Sayu: Eeee.
Maimi: and Airi sleep with having a rice ball with her hand. I surprised once… As my drier was broken, I went to her room to borrow it. Ther room was used by Airi and Mai. Mai-chan opened the door. Then, Airi had slept with drying her hair with a blower.

Sayu; Yajima-chan looks like a wise girl but she do many mistake. :D
Chisato: but She is good at studies.
Sayu; Oh,Yajima-chan is just goofy not fool?
Chisato: yes. Everybody fall in love her gap.
Sayu: well, C-ute’s activity is difficult, isn’t it? Yajima-chan, and Airi-chan is goofy and.. Okai-chan, your role is the straight man?  But your are not goofy but you are slow.
Chisato: yeah. I am really slow head.
Sayu: terrible. Goofy, goofy, slow-head. Well… How about saki-chan? She is spiritless?
Chisato: yes, and Mai-chan is fool:D  There is no solid talented member in C-ute. So there is no one in us, sometime our teacher got angry with us.
Sayu: Why they get angry with you?
Chisato: Example for.. In the day before the performance day, we often learn changing of the dance. After the lesson, we got home. And, next day, All of us forgot it at all.
Sayu: Morinig Musume haven’t experienced like this.
Chisato: We really forgot at all.
Maimi: I think Nacky and Airi remember it. you don’t remember it?
Chisato: um.. I know I didn’t remember that in the time.
Sayu: Okai-chan really didn’t remember dances XD. And I often heard Teacher said “OKAII!” “Okai lost her way now!”
Chisato: it got fewer now.
Maimi; In this tour, C-ute teach our dance to Berryz. But When I saw Chisato’s teaching. I thought “Chisato are you OK?”
Chisato: yes. I am often unable to teach our dance. I don’t know how to dance by myself.
Maimi: Me too. If I couldn’t here the music, I couldn’t dance at all.
Sayu: I know I know. But. Okai-chan is very cool in the stage.
Chisato: Really? Is this true? I haven’t heard it!
Sayu: When I watched your stage, I knew it, but Again I thought Okai-chan is cool!
Chisato: I am glad to hear it.
Sayu: When I talk with you like this, I have an only image, you’re a fool. So I was impressed. I knew Yajima-chan could dance very well. So I didn’t surprised… well. I didn’t know C-ute is talkative.
Chisato: we love talking :D

The next part which will be about Nakky, I think.. Anyways, please look forward to it!

A big special thanks to Yokoyama Norikazu-san :))
Translation #1, #2


  1. i think it's worth saying this translation is the hard work of Norikazu Yokoyama posted on his facebook page. always good to reference work of others ;)
    but it was a great USTREAM! :D

  2. woah Thanks,,, for translation....