Friday, November 4, 2011

Challenge #5: The Reason Why I Love Hello!Project So Much....

It's time for my 5th challenge!
Yoroshiku ne onegaishimasu!
There are a lot reasons why I love H!P. 
First, it proves to me that young girls can do a lot of things such as doing concerts and releasing singles.
Because in my country, I never heard of a kid releasing a single and have a concert too. After knowing Mai Hagiwara, I'm really shock that in very young age, she's already an idol. They're all fascinating, every girl I knew in this family are all talented.
Second, it helps the girl show her own personality. I don't really have a better term for it, but it gives the member the opportunity of showing her own self, her talent, personality, and the way she inspires every person in the world to practice more and improve its talents. Even though not all members got the main spotlight, fans still supports them, and treats them as the most top idol in their life. 
Third, their music are just amazing. I really love how every song are sang in this family. Every song is my favorite, that's why I find it hard to choose the best one in the previous challenge I had. Tsunku is a genius, every song he writes in H!P sounds really great. Even though he divides the lines not too evenly, they're all sound so gooood! Well, I'm hoping for a song that he'll write in the very near future which will be a Maimai solo, that would be awesome~!

There are still a lot of reasons, but I can't form the exact words that will make it an explainable one. Well, I'm still practicing how to explain things since it's a little weakness of mine.. 
Anyways, those are some reasons why I really, really love H!P. 
That's the end of my 5th challenge, so please look forward for the next one.. :)


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  1. I love your entry. My five reasons who probably be simalar.