Friday, November 18, 2011

Dream Morning Musume to perform in NTV's "Best Artist 2011" + Artists line up!

NTV will broadcast their annual music show "Best Artist 2011" on Nov. 30,2011 at 7pm! The show will be hosted By Sakurai Sho (Arashi), Hatori Shinichi and Suzue Nana. The theme would be "To cheer up Japan w/ music"

A total of 22 artists are part of the line-up and will be performing their representative song.

It seems that Dream MM will be the representative of HP in this years show though I was expecting Mobekimasu or any of those groups to represent HP. I'm not sure what song they will perform, probably Love Machine? I don't know......They still seem to be so into pushing the nostalgia of the golden age of Momosu but somehow I wish that they'll try to let go of the once great MM and try to build or create the NEW GOLDEN ERA of Morning Musume or preferably of Hello Project itself. We can't all just live in the past, we all have to move on and become better in the future. But on the brighter side, atleast HP got some representative in this show than having none at all!

List of Artists:

- aiko

- Arashi

- Ikimono Gakari

- AKB48


- SKE48

- Kaibutsu-kun


- Kanjani8

- Saito Kazuyoshi

- Sandaime J Soul Brothers

- Tackey & Tsubasa


- Dream Morning Musume

- Nishino Kana

- Perfume

- Hirai Ken

- Fukuyama Masaharu

- Hey! Say! JUMP

- Pornograffitti

- Yuzu

- L’Arc~en~Ciel


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  1. WTF!! AKB and SKE on best artist.. don't make me lough.. lol