Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Challenge 5 : My Love and Hate Relationship w/ Hello Project!

You're probably wondering why "hate" was ever mentioned in the title but I'll be honest, my LOVE for HP started w/ a hate...but don't get me wrong, I DIDN'T actually hate HP in such way Haters would.

I WAS a JE fanatic when I came into Jpop, specifically Hey!Say!7 (the temporary and first line up to be exact). And all this started when my Japanese friend told me that Yuto Nakajima was dating Yurina Kumai and Yamada Ryosuke was dating Risako. My initial action would be that I reacted just the way you would expect most JE fangirls would react when their beloved idols are being rumored to someone. Though I still doubted if it was true, since things like that are off-limits in the idol world! Then I told my other friend about it, and she began telling everyone about it, the news just spread like wildfire.

I searched for Berryz Kobou checking what they're like and somehow I was cold to them but I didn't bash into them okayyy???. I saw C-ute at J-melo w/ their tokkaiko junjuo and I realized they were of the same age as BK and then I decided I'll like them more then BK. I looked at both groups as rivals and it was only when I found a video of Berryz Kobou VS C-ute that I realized that they were in the same agency, they were NOT exactly rivals and it was only then that HP existed to me. I was completely drawn into them like a moth is drawn into a light, dropping my whole JE fandom behind. My full loyalty is into Hello Project already.

I like Hello Project because everything about them is just sooooooo freaking kawaii! I was 14 when I bacame a fan and I have a huge eye for cuteness! So I thought that must be the reason why I really really really like HP before but it seems to go beyond that. I never truly dreamed of becoming an idol in my country since that kind of s*cks and no one pays attention to kids releasing songs like what HP does and they'll probably count photobooks as something inappropriate for kids, bikini shots? yeah right! But in Japan, it's amazing to see girls your age becoming an idol, having singles and albums, performing during concerts and it seems like a fun thing to do! As a highschool student that time, HP had inspired me to do my best during school performances, musical impersonation or dance revo contests. because of HP I learned to enjoy things like that, performing in front of people and just giving them a good show!

And personality wise, I think HP is true to themselves, they don't try to act to be cute just so people would like them, they grow into each wotas hearts because of who they are. Atleast, when sayumi says she's cute, it's true, she really is cute though not the cutest for me since it would be AIRI SUZUKI! and I should probably count her as one of the reasons why I like HP!

I like HP songs, no matter what others might say about Tsunuku running out of ideas, but who cares right? If you like and love something then you're willing to accept its own flaws. And HP might not be on the Top right now, but it doesn't make them any less amazing than any other idol groups, it's just a matter of appreciation.

So if it wasn't for that rumor and my slight dislike for berryz at that time (I love BK now, just so you know it!) and my obsession for C-ute, I wouldn't probably have discovered Hello Project. And just to clear things up, I LOVE HELLO PROJECT in totality and that counts the family in it. =)

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  1. hm.. i also found out about H!P from BK. at first i only like BK and C-ute. but when i saw MM live performance i began to like them, then S/mileage.