Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who's on TOP and who's NOT? *repost*

For some, the post about this challenge is kind of broken, so I will repost this ^^

Ran-chan posted a challenge for us and as promised, I would do this challenge after my final exam, so here it goes…My Top 5 HP Idol....

Top 5
Sayashi Riho

Well, what a surprise that a newbie like her has landed on the 5th place on my list. Eversince she entered Morning Musume, I had no doubt that she’ll become the next ace in MM and my hypothesis has been correct so far, given how she had been pushed in front and being given enough lines to be noticed more than her fellow 9th gen members. Sayashi is a good singer, dancer and with just more practice, she’ll probably be one of the finest performers in HP.

Top 4
Yajima Maimi

When it comes to leadership role, I salute Yajima Maimi next to Ai-chan. You see, I have watched C-ute grow through the years, w/c sounds ironic since we’re just about of the same age and I can see that even if she’s brain scattered at times, she has proven herself to be a worthy leader and responsible leader who is willing to look after her members and In my opinion, she has done quite well as a leader since their debut. I don’t exactly like Maimi’s voice to be honest, but the reason why she’s my 4th fave member is that she’s an amazing dancer! She’s definitely the best dancer for me in HP and I’m pretty much willing to argue about that!!!

Top 3
Natsuyaki Miyabi

The main reason why I like Miya is because of her voice, she has such a sweet voice and is quite similar to Airi. She acts mature and lady-like. Miya is my fave member in berryz and her being in buono makes her even likeable and I think she deserves to be Buono’s leader, they should choose her in case they decide to have a leader in the group.

Top 2
Tanaka Reina

I am not exactly an MM fan but I really like Reina because she’s both pretty and has a great voice. I like how she projects herself in front of the camera, sure she can be a cam whore at times but I don’t care. She’s one of those that I respect the most in HP. She gives off that vibes of a girl and an artist who’s sophisticated and knows what to do during performances and during PVs. If there’s one word that I could best describe her, it’s CLASSY!

Top 1

Suzuki Airi

Who else would it be???? I’m a solid Airi fangirl, just so you know it =)…C-ute is my fave HP group and far by one of the few reasons why I still hang on to hello project. When I first saw C-ute’s tokaiko junjuo at J-melo, it was Suzuki Airi who caught my attention and after watching Ookina Ai De Motenashite, I was like “OMG! She’s so cute!!!!” Airi is no doubt one of the best faces in HP but what I like most about her is that she has proven everyone that she’s not just a pretty face and your typical girl-next-door, she’s a kickass performer with her amazing vocals and quirky personality that makes her shine in every single way…She’s one of the few people who could pull off a great smile despite having a crook teeth. I would never forget those times when I would be copying her high-bun and high-ponytail hairstyle and how I paste her pictures in almost every sigle scrapbook I make in school…kyaaa! I wanna be like her and I will keep on spreading the Kappa-Airi-Love ♥♥♥


  1. Momoko is the leader of Buono, However Miyabi is the leader of Aa.
    I really liked who you picked and why you picked them.

  2. ^lol..thanks...but didn't momoko just self declared that she's the leader?