Friday, October 21, 2011

MoBeKiMaSu Covers for their New Single...

The covers in HQ has been revealed! It's the single "Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku".
Some amazing, and there's a cover that's quite disappointing..
Check it out below!
The first cover is the regular. It has an equality between all the groups, and our one and only soloist. They're all look amazing, but Mano seems lonely because she's only one in that side, anyways, she's still look beautiful.
The second cover is the Limited A. Fans first comments of this cover are some that I agree. We can't see the equality we can see in the first cover. Riho, Reina, Yuuka, Maimi, and Mano got too big photos. I feel bad of seeing the other members having the tiniest part. Especially Zukki, Eripon, and Fuku-chan. Also Dawa, and Gaki-san, they're leaders, so they have to be in those photos. It's fine that they got the largest, but they should make it more smaller to give the other members cute faces some face. This may make them feel that they're just extras and back-ups, right?

The third cover is the Limited B that features Morning Musume. I love the look of the cover since every group will have each one just like this. The water splash effect on the background looks cute and plain. As for the MM group, why is Gaki in the side only, shouldn't she be at the middle? and I think it would be more fair if all the Kyuukies will be at the top row, and Aika will be together with the other members.

The fourth cover features Berryz Koubou as the Limited C. The blue background looks great, and feels so refreshing. The thing that I like about BK is that they got an equality, just by looking at the cover, you can see Captain in the middle. Even though we can see the aces in the bottom row, they're still shine in the top row. 
Next is the C-ute version which is the Limited D. First impression of this cover is... tadaa.. Doesn't it look like in momoiro sparkling? Pink and water splash effect.. It's so cute. My favorite group ever! :P
I love Airi's heart earring.. XD and Maimai really grown up already.. All the members looks great
Mano cover is now here! The goldish look shines within her cuteness. Everyone looks great, and Mano is just looking awesome in this one. She owns the whole cover herself. I wonder if she'll form a unit like Buono along with the other members like Mai, Saki, Meimi, Eripon, or Fuku-chan. It's going to be one of the cutest unit..
Last but not the least, the S/mileage version. I really love this one, the 4 new members looks awesome. They blend together amazingly. They made the cover colorful, even though the background is jsut plain gray. I still can't recover of Sakitty's graduation. I wonder how she is right now.. I miss her..

So, those are all the covers of MoBeKiMaSu's new single. I love every single cover, except the limited A(hope tsunku won't get mad), and everyone looks amazing. To those who are planning to buy this single, don't forget to reserve yours already! This single will be released this coming November 16.

You can buy it online:
CD Japan (Regular, A, B, C, D, E, F)

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  1. WHY IS RIHO '& REINA IN THE MIDDLE?! It's should be gaki! ;_____;