Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Challenge #2: 5 Songs That Always Stuck on My Head

There are a lot of songs that's always stuck on my head right now.. and I got a hard of time to choose the songs that I'm always listening
So, here are some..
NERDHEAD feat. Mai-K in "Doushite Suki Nan Darou"..
Currently, I've been addicted to this song.. It strikes my heart. It really has the feeling of sadness. I can't say it's a boring one, as the other fans commented. It's just calm and overwhelming.
Next song is Mai Kuraki's "Secret of My Heart"
The first Japanese song that made me fell in love in the J-pop music. It's a very wonderful song. It's an old one, not too old I think, since it was released in the year if 2000.
Next! it will be. uhmm.. "Never Had a Dream Come True"
I don't know why I really love this song, it's just making me feel so calm and peaceful. The words are so meaningful too..
The 4th song will be... Close(Power of your Smile) by "Paolo Santos"
I like this song, and always playing on my head.
Last but not the least.... Sandara Park's "Smile in your Heart"
Another overwhelming song, I guess. If I remember someone, this song always plays on my mind..

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