Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1st Challenge for Chuu!Sugoi!Idol Admins!

Hello everyone, this is ~Admin Min~!!!
Like everyone knows Ran-chan posted 5 challenges for us Admins so I will try my best to answer them~~
Haha~ but these challenges are really hard for me since my favorite idols/songs are always change time to time~^^~!!!

1st Challenge:
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Idols in H!P and tell us about them..

Before I tell you my top 5 idols, I have to tell you my system of how I choose my favorite girls time to time~!!!
It's really complicate system but I think I can describe it really simple way~
Basically, idols who have most common grounds(B-day/Month/Year, Blood type, Eastern/Western Zodiac signs, Favorite/Dislike things and so on~~~) become my top favorites! It doesn't end there!!! If idols were/are leader or sub-leader of the groups, they become also my top favorites! Because leaders and sub-leaders are the ones who keeps the group together and have important responsibilities~!
And also idols who have great skills in singing and dancing become my top favorites! And also idols who are my types become my top favorites!
And finally, my mood at that time also affect when I choose my top favorites!
You may ask, why I made such a complicate or somewhat stupid system to choose my favorite idols~! I made the system because I love all the H!P girls and all of them are my favorites~^^~!!!
And long time ago when I was in Korea one of my friends asked me the question that made me to create the system! The question was "Who's your number 1 favorite?"!!!

So my five factors how I choose my top favorites are:

1. Common Grounds
2. Leaders and Sub-Leaders
3. Singing and Dancing Skills
4. My personal Types
5. My Mood

I choose my top idols base on those five factors!(Number one is the most important factor and number five is the least important factor but sometimes it changes~)

So here's my top five idols in H!P(Current Members):

1. Niigaki Risa

Gaki-san usually comes within my top 5 ranking which includes former H!P members!
She really grew into fine woman from cute girl~
She is so great! Her voice, singing and dancing skills are just great!
Like Ai-chan and other members said long time ago, Gaki-san is really reliable person~^^~
(At least I think she is~ I never met her so I can only assume she is from videos or articles I have read or seen)
The most thing I love about her is that she can speak Korean and she is learning it~^^~!!
And also Gaki-san and I have 2 things in common, we have a same B-month and we both are "Libra"~!!
I really don't understand why UFA doesn't give her enough lines to sing!!!
Clearly she is talented singer and deserves more lines~!
But she never get enough lines and also even in the cover of their albums or profile pictures she usually pushed away from center or front line...
I hope she can get more lines and place in the center or front line in cover albums or profile pictures but I know it's not going to happen.......
I think UFA will give Sayu & Ren-chan & Riho little bit more lines than before and also one of the 10th generation members will get lines and placed to center or front line!!!
Anyway despite all those things I know Gaki-san will do great~!
And I hope UFA keep her more than just 1 or 2 years in H!P!!!

2. Shimizu Saki

Captain usually comes within my top 15 ranking!
Captain is very special!!! Because of all the groups leaders in H!P, she is the only one called as the Captain!!! How cool is that~!?
I like her voice and singing and dancing(Who am I kidding I love all of H!P members' voice and singing and dancing)!!!
Like everyone knows she is the one of the best dancers in H!P~
And also she is kind of slow at putting on make-ups and outfits according to other members~!
And according to Chinami Captain is kind of messy person~^^~!!!
The most thing I love about her are her height & her nostalgic personality! She prefers getting hand-written letters as opposed to e-mail! And she collects hand written letters from member and classmates!!
Captain and I have 1 thing in common, we both born in capital cities of our own countries~^^~
But like Gaki-san, Captain doesn't get enough lines and also pushed away in profile pictures or album covers............
I hope Captain can get more lines in the future~!!!

3. Yajima Maimi

Maimi usually comes within my top 10 ranking!
Personally I really really like her~ Don't know why I like her but I like her!
Even though she and I don't have anything in common I like her~
I think I like her so much because of her gentle and warm and healthy looking and aura!
And also I like her because of her athletic skills~
If you ask me, Maimi is the one of the best leaders in H!P~!!!
She watches over other members carefully like their own big sister or mother does~^^~
I think it was her destiny to become the leader of
°C-ute because when Berryz Koubou was formed in 2004, with the intention of rotating the girls throughout the unit/group. Maimi didn't make the pick and the idea was eventually dropped(Some fans are confused with rotating group because of AKB48 but Tsunku thought it first but he didn't do it! Yasushi Akimoto created the AKB48 based on idea of rotating group in July 2005! I am not saying Akimoto copy Tsunku's idea!!! I am just saying Tsunku thought the idea first~ But if you think about H!P, it's one big rotation unit/group~!!!).
Lots of people thought that girls who didn't make the pick will become the Eggs or graduate...
But despite all those rumors going around, I believed in Tsunku so I waited for his announcement about the girls.
And finally, about one and half years later, Maimi and other girls formed
But although it was Umeda Erika was the oldest among the girls, Maimi was chosen as the leader of the group because Erika thought she can't handle the responsibilities and tasks as the leader.
What a story~!!!
If you don't call that destiny/fate, what would you call that~!?

The most things I love about her are her forgetfulness and her personality that not worrying about the small things.
Maimi has been nicknamed "Rain Girl" like Takahashi Ai by fans and other °C-ute members because they
claim that she is the one who causes it to rain on important dates such as
concerts and events that °C-ute attends.
Takeuchi Akari of S/mileage's sub-member is Maimi's cousin!!!

4. Wada Ayaka

Ayacho usually comes within my top 20 ranking!
I love both of her nick names, DAWA & Ayacho~ Especially Ayacho~^^~!!!
I like her because of her cuteness especially her snaggleteeth!!!
(Actually I think/consider all the girls who are younger than me are cute~!)
I think Ayacho will become one of the best leaders in H!P~!!!
I am saying this because she experinced almost everything she could as the leader can experince within the H!P~!
She had to passed the auditions to get into the H!P and she and other girls had to do Smile Campaign to become the full member of S/mileage(Berryz Kobo & ℃-ute didn't do any challenge like S/mileage or Morning Musume did when they formed)!
Lost one of their original members only about one year and four months after their debut(This happend to all the groups among H!P)...
Ayacho even exprincing having new members in her group(This didn't happen to Berryz Kobo)!!!
I was little bit worried when Ogawa Saki graduated and new girls are joining because she seemed to having hard time(Her postings on her blog were kind of depressing at that time..).....
But I am so relieved because these days it looks like she is doing great~^^~
The most thing I love about her is her athletic skills!!!
One thing that bug me about Ayacho or other members in H!P is that they show too much skin sometimes...
I know it's showbiz and UFA can make more money that way but since I think the girls as my own sister if I had any so it really bug me when girls reavealing too much skin..

5. Mano Erina

Mano usually comes in my top 25 ranking!
When I think of Mano, I think of her as a pianist or an actress not a singer~
I think it's because she almost always playing piano in her concerts and live events!!
And also she has participated many movies and dramas and stage plays ever since she joined the H!P especially dramas!!!
Matsuura Aya who Mano admired prior to become H!P member, told Mano through a video comment that Mano needs to be the best singer in H!P and in order to do that Mano will need to be a better singer than Takahashi Ai~^^~!!!
Mano is only current official soloist in H!P(Some people think that Kikkawa Yuu is also soloist of H!P but she's not~ She is a soloist under Universal Japan and is managed by Up Front Agency)!
By the way, after the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, Kikkawa lived briefly with Mano Erina~^^~
The most thing I love about Mano is her love of the Dragon Quest games!!!

*The pictures used in this post are not my favorites even though I like them, I've been having some problem with my PC for few months... I know where the pictures are stored, but I can't find them because the preview of pictures are not sown..... And also when I open the folder, my PC crashes..*


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