Sunday, September 18, 2011

Poor Momochii....

I'm surfing in various H!P fanblogs and found a video in Airii n deshou?.
It's a video where Momochii is somewhat abused. I don't know what video this was all about,They keep kicking and grabbing Momo around. What I got impress in this video is that Momo still smile and keep her cuteness the whole time.
Well, they're all just laughing, so I think they're just joking around? But it gave me a negative feeling while watching it.
If someone can explain what this one is all about, feel free on telling me, and everyone..

Uploaded by: shirohyo4848


  1. what the o.O sometimes Japanese humour seems so cruel

  2. THIS IS TAKING THE MOMO ABUSE TOO FAR. Berryz Members were already making fun of her fro trying to act cute. And the fact that they all just stood there laughing is reduculous! i hope thisis some kind of prank on the fans because if this continues she might leave H!P and and i really wouldn't blame her!!!!!!!!!

  3. it was a variety show where all these idol groups competed to perform at the end.

    it was "rough" but momoko isn't getting that abused what it seemed like it, she's a true idol and stuck it out and pushed herself forward imo versus all the other girls she had to compete against.

    yeah it was kinda "annoying" but a girls gotta do something to get the camera on you.

  4. OMG! I'm going to cry....In my opinion,that's just unfair! Momochii is cute and very funny,how could a human could do that kind of thing?! How could he?!! She's very small,like a cute mouse,they shouldn't be so rude with her! OMG I'm just so O_O,my tears will fall I think...I really love Momoko even that I'm a girl,she's like a model to me,so I just CAN'T enjoy that people are bringing her down! That's unfair! I don't care if I'm acting like "leave Momo alooone",I think that and I know that I'm right! How could an old man beat a young girl as her?! Hasn't he a family? I don't think that he could enjoy if a man beat her daughter as he does with Momoko...

    That's NOT fun! Not fun at all!
    I very respect and admire Momoko because she's keeping the smile even all those bad things...and I'm angry against Berryz because they were laughing at Momochi's mistfortune!

    Momoko Saikou,forever and ever ♥