Sunday, September 18, 2011

Don't Forget to Watch S/mileage Concert Today!

This evening will be S/mileage live concert and it will be streamed live in YouTube! Banzai!
I'm totally excited about this concert since we will get a chance to witness all the new S/mileage members performing live. 
The sad thing is Fukuya Kosuga will not be part of the concert due to her illness. I was looking forward to see her performing. Too bad we can't. Oh, well, she's going to be an egg when she recovers, I'm really going to look forward to it!
The setlist of the concert has such a great choice of songs. Every song will add a member with the 1st gen. So, it plays the role of Saki, nee? This makes me miss her more. There are songs that all the members will take part in. I'm so excited!
Among the new members, I mostly look forward to Meimi. She fascinates me with her cuteness. 
I missed the Buono concert last time, and I can't forgive myself missing this one too. Let's all watch it minna!
The concert will start at 6 PM Japan Time... 

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