Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Pink Ladies Has Been the Fans' Choice

In this week's poll, we had "Which Member Color Do You Love Most?" and the pink members won! They are Sayu, Airi, Yuuka, Momoko, and Fuku-chan! BANZAI

Which Member Color Do You Love Most?
  12 (7%)
  54 (33%)
  13 (8%)
  29 (18%)
  10 (6%)
  33 (20%)
  9 (5%)
Votes so far: 160 
I somewhat mess up with the header, maybe because of exhaustion, but I think it turned out great..It's also one of the hardest banner I made, since many different members from different groups are in, and it took me a hard time to find a perfect picture for each of them. 
We will have "From current Leaders & Soloist, Who is the Best Dancer Among Them?" for our next poll.. Don't forget to vote!
The blog will soonly reach 40k views, and as promised, we will change our background every 20k views.. I'll be holding a poll if what color you guys want for the next background, if it's white, black, pink, purple, or etc.. It'll be closed at the same time as the other poll.. So, please vote!

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