Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Call to View" Project A 1Million Campaign for C-ute

"Of course, i launch the project but it's not a property, the only goal is to promote °C-ute via the 'YT audience'" -Airinoha

So I found a very interesting group in Facebook with the group name of 1M°C Project : One Million of Youtube views for every Single °C-ute. This is an open group for all devoted C-ute fans and as well as Hello Project fans created by Airinoha Anh. What I like about this group is that they are so devoted with their weekly goals and I think as fans, this is a very nice way to help in promoting C-ute in Youtube. But are views really the basis for popularity in Youtube? Maybe. I had a brief interview with Airinoha-san about this group he'll be telling us something what's behind all this =)

What's your purpose for creating the page?

From the start the idea is born on a french forum and the goal was to help French fan to help "a little bit" to add more visibility for °C-ute.The FB group is born 8 week later for to try to internationalize the idea because H!P has a lot of international fans, and i'm pretty sure it can be our role to help to promote the band on the world and make people discover the "Hello!Project"
Usually people talk about what they love, but YT is a "everything on it" platform so it's a good way to touch people who don't really look after this.

Is this just to add views for C-ute's vids?

Some people think the goal is just to "add more views" but i'm not in this way, for me the goal is to "talk about" and to "make people discover". To gain fans, not to gain "views". I think it's important ^^

How did you come up with the your weekly goals?

For to add a ludic goal and not just a promote idea i've had colors linked to how much a video is view.With this, color changmeent is like a little event.

The weekly goals are for to add a funny bonus and help people to "link" the same PV in same time on their Facebook, blog or website.

The goal is to reach the 1 Million (Pink Color) , and every video start at 0 (Red Color) , I think is a good way to visualize the evolution and i hope some people enjoy to follow the results ^^

But will this campaign end once it finally reached it's million hits?

Youtube is a auto promoting Tool , when a video is a "success" people will see this in link and suggestions.For the moment there is a lot of °C-ute PV who are far away from 1 M and some of them are definitivly massive hits for °C-ute lover (Thinks to TJ or Edo no Temari Uta II for example).

Yes, TJ is like the best selling single of C-ute, but it's views are quite lesser than the others and this is the song that gave C-ute the best new artist award.

The ocutechannel is a great succes on YT , but a lot of people will only see new PV so I think it can be cool to help people to see °C-ute are good now, but was good too in the past. But promotion for new singles are important too , and i'm sure we all talk activly about news ^^.
This is just not the goal of the 1M°C Project.

Any final words to C-ute fans out there?

If you like °C-ute work , and can buy it, buy it ^^and the final words of every report
Love °C-ute , Support °C-ute , Promote °C-ute \o/.

I hope everyone who reads this would help in this project!

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