Friday, September 9, 2011

Morning Musume’s 10th Generation Finalists Revealed~!

Hello Everyone~!!! Please enjoy some information about Morning Musume's 10th audition memebers~^^~

From here 100% are from Hello!SayuNii:

The 10 finalists for Morning Musume’s 10th generation audition have been revealed on Hello! Pro Time.

The full list of the 10 finalists is somewhat long so check out the full post after the break!

Thanks to Amped and Sohee for the names and trivia!

Kudou Haruka
Age 11 from Saitama

- Been a Egg for 1½ year
- Her low, huskey voice is her trait

Iikubo Haruna
Age 16 from Tokyo

- Oldest of the finalists
- Her trait is her atmosphere of freshness
- Born on 11/07/1994, bloodtype O, and she is 160 cm tall.
- She’s a model at RASUBERII and an actress as well

Tashima Meru
Age 11 from Fukuoka

- No experience with dance or singing.
- Is the leader of the student council at school.

Miyagi Ayumi
Age 11 from Osaka

- 6 years of dance experience
- Wants to become a multi-talent like Yaguchi Mari in the future

Miwa Satsuki
Age 12 from Osaka

- Tried out for the 9th gen but failed.
- Admires Takahashi Ai.

Ishida Ayumi
Age 14 from Miyagi

- Been taking singing and dancing classes for 2 years.
- Her performance skills are high quality.

Tanaka Fuuka
Age 12 from Miyagi

- 6 years of dance and singing experience.
- Wants to become a multi-talent like Yaguchi Mari in the future

Satou Masaki
Age 12 from Hokkaido

- Have been practicing piano since she was 2 years old, has confidence in her perfect pitch.
- Her mom is a huge Morning Musume fan.

Oogami Hinako
Age 13 from Osaka

- 4 years of Jazz dance experience, and 2 years experience of karate.
- Would call herself a Hello! Project otaku.

Murakami Sara
Age 13 from Miyagi

- No experience with singing or dancing, but has confidence in her sense of rythm, as she practices drums and wadaiko (Japanese drum).

Video uploaded by: mmupx

At first glance it’s easy to see that fan favorite Miyamoto Karin is not among the finalists (neither are S/mileage finalists Miyasaki and Fujii), but despite that I am glad to see that one H!P Egg did manage to make the list since Kudou really has a natural style and look that could fit in Momusu perfectly, and with her short but useful experience as an H!P Egg it might help her have a step up from among the other finalists.

Some fans might be discouraged that Karin isn’t among the finalists but remember that Mizuki wasn’t in the training camp for the 9th generation either, and since she, as well as Miyasaki and Fujii, have already attended a training camp recently it seems somewhat unnecessary to include her in the camp again (Tsunku probably knows quite well what they are capable off and can probably decide from that), so there is still some chance for those three since Tsunku might surprise us, although we won’t find out until he announces the new members.

Looking at the pictures there are a few girls that have experience dancing so it’s safe to say that it will be interesting to see just how they do on the dancing section of the training camp, although I’m more focused on finding out how their singing is since the clip of the show above doesn’t do that good of a job of showing off everyone’s voices well.

So far only three girls stand out for me: Kudou Haruka, Ishida Ayumi, and Murakami Sara, since from the short clips we saw they seemed to have good voices, and with Ayumi’s impressive dancing skills and really pretty look it seems like she would be a perfect addition, as well as Murakami Sara who doesn’t have much experience but seems like she could fit in really well.

Miwa Satsuki also stands out a bit but I haven’t seen much to know for sure whether I will root for her, although we will find out next week once they air the special episode for the training camp since that’s where everyone will have a chance to show off their singing and dancing skills to the camera.

Hopefully everyone gets a chance to pick their favorites since in about 3 weeks we will find out who made it, and while we’re not sure if Tsunku will use the same “sub-member” plan he used for S/mileage or if we will see the traditional full member plan I hope that we get to see a 10th generation with many talented girls, and looking at the video it’s safe to say that the 10 finalists here are all good candidates.

The finalists will be revealed on 9/29 at the Budokan concert, while the H!P Time training camp special will air next week.



  1. a low husky voice may be good for know shake it up a bit ^.^ i hope karin is in also...although fuji was a little cutie too

  2. I am really excited to see how these girls do! I really hope another Egg gets in so I'm rooting for Kudou Haruka.

  3. I'm really hope Miwa Satsuki gets selected. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see all of the training camp show on Saturday morning. Can someone upload it to Youtube?

  4. I hate how people love Haruka JUST BECAUSE she's an egg. She's not the most talented girl there. She didn't even stand out. She did well, but she wasn't amazing by ANY means. Her voice really bothers me too. She'd be an amazing actress and TV personality, just like Tamura Meimi. But their voices aren't that good.

    MY opinion.

    I'm currently only rooting for Murakami Sara and Ishida Ayumi.

    For the LOLs, I'd like to see Tanaka Fuuka get in, or Miyagi Ayumi, if Ishida Ayumi gets in. Because double names are funny.

    In terms of talent, I think the only ones who deserve to get in this time are Murakami Sara and Ishida Ayumi... The only other scenario I think would be just as awesome as if just these two got in, would be if all 10 of them got in. Because then it'd be a record breaking size for MM, and it'd also be 10 members for the 10th gen. The only other time that happened was for the 4th gen, with 4 members. I think it'd be cool to see 10 new members, but I don't know how likely that really is. Probably not very likely.