Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kikkawa Yuu will be Starring in a Movie Called "Cheerfu11y"

Kikkawa Yuu will be starring in a movie called Cheerfu11y
It is said that this movie is a comedy one, and as I saw the trailer, it gave me a total interest to look forward to it.
"Cheerfu11y is a comedy staring Kaho, Anna, Shiori, and Naomi (PASSPO), Akari (ex-Momoiro Clover), Yuu Kikkawa, and some members of the Possible. The movie's plot involves 11 girls who accidentally break their school's statue (i.e. the decapitated arm in the trailer) and then enter a dance competition to win the prize money to pay for it.  "
It totally gave me interest about this exciting movie, and I'm excited about their cheer leading performance.. Also, Mori Saki and Furukawa Konatsu from Up Up Girls will also be featured in this movie..
There are only few information I got, so I'll just update this post if I got more.. So, please enjoy the trailer.. :)

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