Monday, March 19, 2018

Hello!Project 20th Anniversary: Special Tribute plan!

Yes, you read it right!~
With a discussion with the admins and the singers who participated in our previous tributes, Chuu!Sugoi!Idol and Hello!Project fan page productions will be making a special tribute to commemorate H!P's 20th year! As part of the tradition, we're going to send it to J-Melo, plus we will have one of the admins deliver it to our H!P leader Ayacho in one of the H!P events she will attend to.

Hello!Project has given an amazing impact on every fan's life. They gave us joy, entertainment, inspiration and most of all, friends and family. I know most of us gained new friends as we shared our great love for H!P, and their might have been those who found their other halves as they enjoy the amazingness of our H!P idols.

In this tribute, all of the fans of all H!P groups/members are welcome to join! Whether you're an old fan or a new one, we invite you to share your happy experiences with Hello!Project!

The H!P 20th-anniversary tribute will be a video showing fans expressing their love for H!P, as well as our talented H!P fans who will sing and dance the song that most of us love, ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL.

This tribute will be very special, first, because it's not for a graduation, and this will be one of the biggest projects we can make because it involves all H!P acts from 1998-present.

1. You can send us photos/videos of your memories with H!P (attending events, polaroid photos with members, merchandises bought, get-together parties with other H!P fans, etc.)

2. Take a photo of yourself while holding a paper, banner or anything where you can write a message expressing your love for H!P (note: Make it as short as possible)

2. You may send us a fanart of your favorite H!P group/member.

  • If you submit a photo, we recommend to take it in landscape mode
    • You can do it with your friends too!
  • If you want to do everything that was mentioned above, feel free to do so!
  • If you also own a H!P shirt, we encourage you to wear it in your photo
  • DEADLINE: April 27, 2018, 23:59 JST
    • Send it to
    • Subject: Hello!Project 20th Anniversary Tribute
    • Write in the message the following:
      • Name
      • Country

We will send a reply once we received your email within 24 hours from your submission. If you didn't receive any reply, please send it again. 

For inquiries, you are always welcome to visit our page and message us.

The deadline for the submission will be this coming April 20, 2018, 23:59 JST


  1. I would like to join the sing/dance along for All for One, One for All. How exactly do I message you guys to join? And what will be expected of us so that I can start to prepare?

    1. Please message us in this page.

      We will th3n message you the other details