Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rika Ishikawa :Woman Seeking Child

Call now!
So here's something I found in the internet... which is kinda funny! I mean seriously can scams be this hilarious? Well, they usually are since I always get a text message saying I won 1 Million, a house and lot, a brand new car.... blah blah blah.. I would have been rich by now~

Anyway, back to the topic... this scam has used Rika's photo but didn't exactly mention Rika's name. According to my friend, the name of the woman is 陈瑶. So the way I interpret it, they're using a fake photo for the "woman".It says that she wanted a baby to inherit their assets and fulfill her dream of becoming a mother.

Here's the translation from Musume-Central

The ad is titled: "Women seeking CHILD." It says, that "Rika" will give 150 000 dollars as deposit in search of a baby. This money is guaranteed by a law firm. A series of attributes about "Rika" and what she wants in the prospective mate is then listed. It also said that "Rika" is a married woman. Her husband had encountered an unfortunate accident, hence they are both unable to conceive. However, they both want children and hence, they decided to allow "Rika" to find a mate to conceive a child. It is promised that "Rika" will meet the prospective mate in person at a secret location. It is noted that even if the prospective mate is married, it is alright, as the affair will be conducted in secret. The ad then added that 'all who fulfill the criteria will have to give a deposit of 50 000 to the law firm. It also said that upon completion of the act, the man will get 100 000."


  1. Hello! This is turtlefan, the guy who wrote this translation. I made some mistakes with a couple things here that I wish to point out.

    1. I made some mistakes with the translation of money. it is 1 500 000 instead of 150 000, 500 000 instead of 50 000 and 1 000 000 instead of 100 000.

    2. 'Rika' was named as 'Chen Yau' in this post.