Tuesday, July 16, 2013

C-ute charts their NEW BEST SELLING SINGLE!

C-ute finally hits 60K landmark for CD sales!
I'm so proud of team C-ute!

This is definitely a good year for C-ute. After all the blessing and good things that has happened to them as a group this first half of 2013 and ever since Kimi wa Jitensha, they continue to prove to everyone that "good things come to those who wait". And with their latest single "Adam to Eve no Dilemma/ Kanashiki Amefuri", they continue to gain more popularity when it debuted at 40K in the Oricon charts, clearly this is their highest first day sales to date, not only that but they ranked 3rd and manage to rank higher than Mayu Watanabe on the first day. That is something I'm happy with LOL (No pun intended). 

At the end of the week, C-ute ranked 4th selling 60,592 copies on it's first week. To be honest, I was really hoping that they could sell higher than Mayuyu but unfortunately they didn't, there's only a small amount of difference anyway, 6,737 to be exact. But I'm still happy for C-ute! They really deserve this achievement and hopefully, it doesn't end here. I'm still looking forward for their #1 single, and hopefully the next single could be in the 100k mark already!

Tickets for their Budokan concert on 9/10 were sold out in just 1 minute! Talk about fast.... lol, hopefully, a lot of people will come in 9/9 concert too...  More power to Team C-ute! I'm so proud to be one!

Tokyo Dome Concert, anyone?


  1. In Tokyo Dome photo, Airi was going to see Funky Monkey Babys live show with Mano Erina, not hold a concert. XD

    Anyway, I'm so happy for Team C-ute!!!

    1. I know.. I meant that after budokan.. it's nice to aim for Tokyo Dome as a concert venue =)