Friday, January 6, 2012

Who will be the next leader of Morning Musume~!?

Who do you think will be the next leader of Morning Musume~!?
Is it going to be Sayu or Ren-chan or both~?!?
Before you read my post let me clarify that I love Sayu & Ren-chan equality as of now~^^~☆
And I won't be talking about who has to becom the next leader because of their skills~
I will only talk about some facts or history that I know of MM!

Well the answer to this question is decide by Tsunku and he knows it so we have to wait for the official announcement!

But we can pretty much guess who will be the next leader or at least we can take our minds off of Gaki-san's graduation.....

I saw so many people saying that Ren-chan will be the next leader of MM in other communities and I just want to say that there is low chance in that will happen~
In order to Ren-chan to be the next leader, Sayu has to refuse to become the leader! But if that kind of thing happens, we all know it wouldn't be Sayu's decision~!

Without question, Sayu should be the next leader of Morning Musume~
Because it's following Japan's cultural tradition and also MM's tradition too!
I saw some comments in our page and other communities that people are talking about Kaorin & Kei-chan and I think some people are confused about Kei-chan but she was co-leader with Kaorin even though Kei-chan was older than Kaorin~
It's because even though Kaorin(1st gen) was younger but she was senpai to Kei-chan(2nd gen)~!!!
It was some kind of special situation!

So what about Sayu & Ren-chan becoming the co-leaders~!?
Like I said on the above, Kei-chan & Kaorin's case was special!
But not this time!!
And Sayu & Ren-chan shouldn't become co-leaders.
It's because if they becom the co-leaders, that means no more MM's tradition...
And also if that happens, more chance of that they will graduate at the same time(Even though I think they are going to graduate at the same time anyway... They might graduate with entire Hello! Project Kids or right before them.. I will get back to this in other post later!).....
Well but it could happen because like everyone knows Ren-chan is Tsunku's favorite so it could happen, people!!!
But like I said earlier, Tsunku is the only one who knows information about the next leader of MM!


  1. Mikitty was 6th generation, Ai-chan was 5th generation and Mikitty was leader :D Ai-chan is younger but ...

  2. Mikitty was a H!P member a couple of months before Aichan.

  3. @Mikkity but If you remember, Miki auditioned for 4th generation and become member as soloist. Its easy to think of it when you see the order on singing in "All for one & One for all" sHe sing with Satoda Mai and not with 6th gen.

  4. it goes by generation and then if they are the same generation it goes by age thats the way it has Sayu is most likely to become leader unless he changes it

  5. co-leaders is a dream, but if that wasn't a choice, sayu leader, reina sub.

  6. Sayu is a sub-leader right? tsunku said them when ai-chan's graduation LOL