Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tsunku's Intruiging Comment!

Tsunku's comments for the new Momusu song:

"MM's new song is too cool. Will they be able to sing it? It'll be a fight with/for their skills."
"I wonder if 9th and 10th gen will be able to keep up with the dance for MM's new song."

I'm not really sure by what song he meant by that, if it's pyoko pyoko (Which I doubt since it's a genki/cute song rather than "cool") or maybe an upcoming Morning Musume Single?? If Yes, then this is pretty cool!!! I honestly outgrew cute songs from HP though I still appreciate some of it and I personally prefer cool songs cause it usually comes w/ great dance moves!!! Seems that MM is working pretty fast right now, since there's not much time until gaki's graduation...... Hopefully, she could have 3 or more single before that day comes and hopefully, her last single would also be as special as the one they had for Ai-chan's graduation!

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