Monday, January 2, 2012

[REPOST] Niigaki Risa will Graduate After the Morning Musume Spring Tour 2012!!! :(

Gaki-san announced today's H!P concert that she will graduate at the end of the Morning Musume Spring Tour..
Here's a translation of her announcement:
I have always been thinking the timing of graduation since new member join in Morning Musume. I want to act as an actress or others. so I decide to graduate. I'll do my best as leader until the spring tour end. so please cheer for me.
I don't really like this announcement, it's too surprising that I can't breath normally now.. [Gome]
I don't really expect that she's going to graduate so soon.. Well, it's a little bit expected because Ai-chan already left..
According to the info, she decided to graduate with Ai last year, but since the new members will be added, she delayed her graduation.
It is also said that Sayumi will be the next Momusu leader, and Captain as the H!P leader, but still not sure.
I thought there will no graduations for a while, but Gaki, it's too soon.. I remember that they want to graduate together.. But it's really sad to hear this news, and since she's one of my favorite members, this really made me feel depress so much!..
Gaki will then study as an actress after graduating..
I still don't know when's the last day of the tour, and I hope it's not that soon.. :(
Anyways, let's support Gaki minna-san!

Big thanks to Norikazu-san for the info
[He said that it was announced too in the twitter and also got the info from the famous H!P reporter in 2ch]

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