Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy 24th Birthday to Junjun~^^~!!!

Hello everyone today(1/11) is Junjun(Li Chun)'s 24th birthday!!! Let's all wish her a very very happy and lovely birthday~^^~!

Like everyone knows, Junjun joined Hello! Project as a member of Morning Musume's 8th Generation with Qian Lin (Linlin) on March 15, 2007!
And later on December 15, 2010, she graduated MM and H!P with Kamei Eri and Linlin.
In early September 2011, she enrolled in the famous Beijing Film Academy to study Performance Arts!!!

And here's some interething trivias about her:

* As shown on Haromoni@, she loves bananas and will do anything for them and she got her nick name Banana Jun

* She and Linlin were nicknamed "The Pandas"

* She was one of two members of Morning Musume to be of Chinese descent (the otherbeing Linlin)

* In concerts, she would often argue with KusumiKoharu during MC corners. Koharu has stated, however, that it was these MCcorners that broke the ice between them as they previously did not talk muchoutside of work

* She and Tanaka Reina shared a close relationship. Theywould often go out alone together (on what Junjun has referred to as "Dates")and Junjun stated in a DVD Magazine that she feels like Tanaka's "Boyfriend"

* The first couple of months JunJun and LinLin lived together. JunJun later stated in their graduation video that she never really like LinLin at first because she was annoying at a time when JunJun wanted to be alone when she first joined Morning Musume

* She changed her hair color while in morning musume because from far away fans would get her mixed up with Michishige Sayumi

* JunJun had a blog before she joined Morning Musume that fans harassed her on for being a foreigner joining Morning Musume

* Junjun enjoys being "gross", and often asks "Am I gross?" or "Was that gross?" after doing something humorous

* JunJun is said to be a big fan of Berryz Kobo's Shimizu Saki. She stated that her dance is really cool

I hope all of her dreams and wishes will come true in the future~~

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