Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dream Morning Musume- Shining Butterfly PV

It's finally here~! Dream Morning Musume's "Shining Butterfly"

Initial Reaction: I love this music video~!!! The lines are divided pretty well, with each member getting at least one line, and no one member outshines the other (vocally, I'll touch on this later)

Plot: Rika, Mari and Yuko are sitting at a bar of what seems like a hostess club, as Rika is moping over what seems to be one of her customers that she has feelings for. Suddenly, Koharu, Kei, an the man Rika is pining for enter the club. A distraught Rika goes to see what the deal is, even though Yuko, the "all knowing bartender" tries to stop her. Rika (possibly drunk) sees her customer reach his hand out to her, which fades to show a comforting Abe. Rika angrily slaps her had away which results in Hitomi slapping her across the face (Yossie, is this payback Hangry and Angry?) as a sort of "snap out of it." Rika, coming out of this more mature and self assured, rejects her customer when he tries to make a pass at her and Miki. The all knowing Yuko is pleased. Ai makes a cameo as, what seems to be Rika's younger self. Although she plays a small part in it, Ai really makes an impact, and it was a treat to all fans who missed her after her graduation!

Final Statement: Overall the PV is beautiful, and even though Rika is the focus of the plot (and therefore takes alot of camera time) she doesn't overshadow the other members, and shines as a Master amoung masters of performing. Since this is DMM's first (and rumored to be last) single I'm more than happy with the results~~!!!!

Give it a listen!!

Special thanks to ninishinka for uploading~!!!!!


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