Thursday, December 22, 2011

What to Do Before Yuukarin Graduates? O_o

Yuuka will be graduating in less that 10 days, and we still don't have any plans to do for her..
Someone suggested to have everyone's photo being collected with their 'gambatte' pose, with a little message inside and compile it in a video, which is a good one..
Another one, she suggested to do the "Yuuka" pose, which means her signature pose and put it in a collage or a video..
What do you think guys? :)


  1. Maybe make a dance collab with everyone with ppl to an s/mileage song for yuuka? Like more than one dance vids in one vid to one song. We dance for yuuka :3

  2. good idea, i prefer with collect everyone's photo and ganbatte pose. it's simple but have deep meaning i think. ganbatte Yuukarin, do the best for your life, and we will always love you... :D

  3. how about a mixture of all?