Sunday, December 4, 2011

S/mileage Please Mini Skirt Post Woman MV !

Wohooo....S/mileage's newest PV is finally up on the internet! I'm not really a S/mileage fan nor did I ever anticipate any of their singles but after hearing this one I loved it and I super love meimei's voice!!! They even posted a rehearsal video of their dance and I'm glad how this turned out really well! There are few reasons why I like this single!

1. The song

I like the whole song, it's cute and it has the s/mileage feel into it. I like how everyone's voice blends so well. And of course, I like meimei's line! her voice is so fresh and cute and it just adds brightness, genkiness and cuteness to S/mileage! I'm happy that meimi and akari are getting some lines, HP must be filling things up for Saki and Yuuka but I still wish the other new gens would get more lines too but this is HP and line distribution is always an issue but since this turned out nicely I don't have to complain about it.

2. The awesome PV!!!

Seriously, this one is NOT another cheap HP PV w/ just a close-up and dance version in a bland and empty studio! This one is actually interesting, and I can see effort in this one so thumbs up for HP and UFA. This actually has a "plot" but not exactly a storyline but atleast I can see an MV w/ an actual relation to the song itself. And occasionally we get to see some video shots of S/mileage trademark "legs" while dancing. And speaking of the dance, I love it! Although I was really worried for Kana (she's my second fave) when they posted the rehearsal video but it seems she's doing well in the actual one. I really couldn't comment on her improvement in the dance since there's only a short time in the dance part when some clips shows up next or it occasionally focus on the one singing and the "legs" while dancing....So I have to wait for the dance shot version to come out before I can comment in her actual progress!

Hopefully HP and UFA continues to exert effort and brainstorm for a good and interesting MV, and w/ this one I have high hopes for more awesome singles and MVs for the upcoming singles in 2012! This will be Yuuka's last single so hopefully fans would purchase this one! Support S/mileage!

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  1. Love it when UFA actually grant decent budgets for pvs ^w^
    Wish it happened more often