Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nakazawa Yuko will be getting married!!!

Dream Morning Musume member and First leader of Morning Musume or The mother of Morning Musume as I would call her, Nakazawa Yuko is finally getting married next spring!

Yuko's future husband is said to be a PRESIDENT of an IT-related company who0 lives in Fukouka. The couple will be introducing each other to their parents this New Year and plans on holding the wedding ceremony next spring. However, there will be no reception party. Hmm.. I don't really have the idea of how Japanese wedding ceremony is being done but I was hoping maybe DMM could sing in their wedding..LOL...they could be the "choir" that is if they'll have a church wedding..

From then on, Yuko will be living w/ her husband in Fukuoka. But she will still be pursuing her career and continue her activities although it would be reduced since she will be traveling back and forth between Tokyo and Fukuoka! No official statement has been given by Yuko as of now..


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