Monday, December 5, 2011

MoBeKiMaSu : One for All and All for One!

Our latest poll was about Mobekimasu and HP All Stars w/ their respective family single! And the poll has concluded lately in favor of


Though the gap between them and the All-Stars are not that big, they won w/ only 11 points ahead from the All-Stars (Mobekimasu 60 and HP All-Stars 49). It's nice to know that many fans still likes HP All-stars despite how long it has been since this group was made.

And for the Family single that the fans like more

One for All and All for One

One for All and All for One - 91 votes
Busu ni naranai tetsugaku- 51 votes

One for All and All for One won by 40 votes w/c is a bigger gap as compared to the other poll. Yeah, I actually like this song more because it's cheerful and the melody is catchy that it feels great to dance w/ this song and I like the choreography on this one except the formation..XD And I think alot of people enjoys more in listening to this song .

I wonder how things would turn out if Mobekimasu's single was One for All and All for One..Hmmm?

We haven't decided about our next poll yet, but please look forward on it.

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