Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kare wa, Imouto no Koibito Episode 1!!!!

Bee TV's official Youtube channel uploaded the first episode of Kare wa, Imouto no Koibito!!!! And if you're wondering if Sayu's gonna be in this episode then the answer is YES~ Her first appearance is at 5:03..XD....I think her narcisistic personality appeals in her role here! She's talking in her uberly cute voice, which I sometimes find annoying but surprisingly I'm not annoyed about that in here.

The drama starts off w/ Satomi and the blonde guy or rather gay working in a flower shop, talking to a costumer....and then she's seen sulking about what's so merry about x-mas..then the blonde guy shows her a magazine w/ Sayu in it and the hint of jealousy sets in....flashbacks starts w/ them as kids as Sayu practically taking everything she has including boys!!!

Then the woman, probably their boss..I'm not sure..had a talked w/ Satomi blah blah blah...thye must have been talking about serious stuffs that made Satomi looked down after while walking in the street lost in her deep thoughts..And yeah, she seems to be "lost" as my friends would describe it that she didn't notice she left her bag in one of the benches where she sat just awhile ago. It was only until she saw a santa claus "figurine" that she's back to her senses and realized she left her bag.

*Starts to panic* and looked for her bag..then the moment Sayu's fans had been waiting for....she called Sayu, probably asking her for help but then our Sayu is in the middle of a party *Renai Revolution 21 plays in the background* so she just greeted her Onee-chan a Merry Xmas and cuts the call....

Then Satomi and her dream guy accidentally bumped into each other knocking her off her feet, literally....then they had some ctaching up moment after a long time of not seing each other...Flashback again of their first meeting......I got to say, Satomi could play a high school girl pretty well..XD

And the rooftop scene w/ Satomi is sooo funny! XD and I love tohoshinki's song playing in the background!!! And just when Satomi is finally having a moment w/ the man of her dreams.....her phone rang...yep, it's Sayu's calling (insert moment wrecker here) asking for help and hypotheticaly in danger....end of the episode!


Bad news for non-japanese fans who could not understand nihonggo...this video doesn't come w/ subs....

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