Wednesday, December 21, 2011

C-ute New Profile Pictures Updated! :)

C-ute just updated their profile pictures in their official website! YAY~!
It has the similarity to their Sekaichii Happy Onna No ko outfits, and I mean the member color they wear.. I my guess, maybe it will be their outfits for their upcoming album called "Dai Nana Sho Utsukushikutte Gomen ne"
So, let's take a look in their individual photos!

First up, is of course, our beautiful leader Maimi-chan! She has the red one, and it looks like a cute waitress outfit.. It's soo cute with the hat in her head, and with that cute hairstyle too..
Next up is our Nakky! She got a checkered style top with cute skirt.. We noticed this photo in her announcement of having a new radio show which not surprise us a little.. But I really love her hairstyle, too cute to handle..
 Now is Airi, with a little pinky apron..  I like her top, it's refreshing to look. She has a cute hairstyle too..
Chisa time! I can't really comment on everything because it just looks almost the same, but it's cute too.. She portrays the outfit very well to say the least..
Last but not the least is our baby Maimai! She's always cute, but I don't really like her hairstyle, looks a little bit weird.. But the ribbon on her top make it perfect.. 

So, what do you think to their new profile photos??


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