Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Long Hair w/ Bangs is the Best Hairstyle That Suits Gaki's Image

Among all the hairstyles in the poll's choices, the long hair with bangs has the most votes..
I'm glad my favorite won, it's really the best for Gaki. The coolest hairstyle so far.

Pigtails (Braided or not)
  25 (19%)
Straight with bangs
  32 (24%)
Long Straight hair with bangs
  72 (54%)
Curly hair
  33 (25%)
Short Hair(Light Brown Color)
  18 (13%)
Short Hair (Dark Brown Hair)
  19 (14%)
Recent Hairstyle

  42 (32%)

So, I was planning that the next poll will be the Miya Hairstyles, but since I'm still listing them down, and more, I'll do it next week. :)
For the next poll, we'll have "Who's the Cutest?" between Sayu and Momo. It's going to be an interesting battle, so vote for the cutest minna-san!


  1. Gaki with ANY hairstyle is the BEST because Gaki is the BEST anyway.

  2. i'm agree with you !! GAKI THE BEST !! *___*