Sunday, October 9, 2011

Eripon Having the Best Modelling Image in Her Younger Years

In our recent poll, "Who Has The Best Model Image", Eripon won against Haruna.
It's still understood since maybe Haruna hasn't been known yet because she just entered Momusu, but I'm glad there are fans voted for her. Even they got a huge gap in votes.

Ikuta Erina
  99 (71%)
Ikubo Haruna
  39 (28%)

Votes so far: 138 

They're both wonderful models and I'll be looking forward for them to sing, perform, or walk on stage together..
We just reached another 20K views, and I managed to change the background on time.
Also the background.. Maybe the color don't really combine well together.. So I have to change it later after this post..
For our next poll, let's have the Jyuki shine.. :)
"7" The banner will be the same as the S/mileage 2nd gen looks.. Anyways, vote for our favorite minna!

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