Monday, October 3, 2011

Did You Miss Ai-chan? Guess what..she's BACK!

Yes, you heard it right, she's back!...but not in MM nor in HP...If you look at it, Ai-chan only graduated in MM and HP but not in UFA. It has been confirmed that Ai-chan will be a part of the M-line, and it includes former MM members that are still part of UFA.

It's good news for her fans since she will be having her own FC and hopefully fans would continue to follow her future activities. It's really great to see Ai-chan back, but I wished she didn't graduate in HP, she could have become a soloist. But looking on the brighter side, Ai-chan being still part of UFA means that we would be expecting future activities from her soon.

Check out her UFA Profile

1 comment:

  1. They would have to be stupid to completely let Ai go. She's their girl, the face of H!P