Sunday, October 16, 2011

7nin S/mileage + New Single!

All sub-members fortunately made it in becoming fully-pledge members of S/mileage *hurray for Meimei and Kana*! Now, S/mileage is a 7nin group composed of the 3 original members, w/c I should say, the First Gen S/mileage, together with Tamura Meimei, Takeuchi Akari, Katsuna Rina and Nakanishi Kana!

On top of that, they announced their 8th single, titled "Please Mini Skirt Post Woman", w/c I totally don't get if you look at the whole phrase aside from the part of "Mini Skirt" w/c has been S/mileage's trademark! But I'm excited to finally see the the new members in this new single, since they were kind of like back-ups in the previous single.....The release date for this single will be on 12/28....So grab your copy! Perfect for a X-mas/New Year's Gift!

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