Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy 26th Birthday to Goto Maki~^^~!!!

Hello everyone today(It's 9/23) is Gottchan's 26th birthday!!! Let's all wish her a very very happy and lovely birthday~^^~!

Like everyone knows she was named the sexiest member in Hello! Project~^^~!!! And she will be going on hiatus on January 2012... Her music career was and is going fine but ever since her father's sudden and unfortunate death, her personal life didn't go well...... Her brother got arrested and also her mother passed away... I just hope from now on, everyting will be going great for her and wish her happy life!!!!!!
And now please enjoy some pictures of her!

She's so beautiful and lovely~^^~!!!

I hope all of her dreams and wishes will come true in the future~~!


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