Thursday, September 1, 2011

Group profile photos of Mobekimasu’s 1st single titled, "Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku"~!!!

Enjoy the group profile pictures and a whole group picture~^^~

I love this whole group picture but I feel also sad because Ai-chan, Mittsi, and Sakitty are not included in this picture...

It's obvious that Moning Musume took the color red!!! They are the main group after all~ But it surprised me that Gaki-san is not in the middle with Sayu!!! Well I expected that Ren-chan would push Sayu away but I never thought Yasshii would come middle pushing other senpai away. Isn't it too soon? I wanted to see more focus on Gaki-san and Sayu since it seems it's their first single as Leader and Sub-leader of Morning Musume..... Anyway, did you guys notice that Mittsi is positioned far left and her left foot is hiding behind the Eripon's legs?

Berryz Koubou took color blue~ I guess this is for fans of Momo since she is getting all the focus in this picture! She gets more focus because of height difference~! At least they didn't push away Captain to far right or left this time.. I always expect to see leader and sub-leader are positioned in the middle or front even though H!P usually don't do that.....

℃-ute took color pink~! Well as expected Airi is positioned middle~ I want to some different position in the future~~! I don't know why but I like ℃-ute's pink outfit the most!!!

S/mileage took color silver~ I still feel a little bit strange of seeing 8 members of S/mileage. Senpai or original members are positioned middle~! It's my guess but I think H!P gave them silver outfit because it's closest color to white because white color has meaning of new fresh beginning. Actually they have white flower decoration on their hair.

Mano took color gold~ Since Mano is the only solo artist in H!P right now, it's no surprise that she has an individual picture~! I got to say the golden look really suits her~^^~


  1. They all have such awesome shoes!!

  2. watch the full photo. far left there's Sayashi, far right there's Maeda. and they look similar, like sisters..