Monday, September 19, 2011

Full episode of Mecha ike~!!!

I found full episode of Mecha ike~!!! Thanks to the uploader "BerryzKoBuono"! Please enjoy~

It was an idol special! Total 8 groups participated~! PASSPO, Berryz, S/mileage, Idoling!!!, SDN48, Nakano Fujoshi Sisters, SUPER GiRLS and Ebisu Muscats~ I love those 3 main MCs!!! Especially, the shortest one! He performed with Morning Musume on their Live Concert once~^^~

And for the people who got mad or confused because our Momo got abused on the show, please understand these comedians are famous for somewhat aggressive act..
But I don't like some entertainers pick on Momo because of her cutesy idol role........

Momo should learn from Sayu/Yagu-chan how to handle those comedians who pick on her because Sayu/Yagu-chan are the best at those kind of things especially Yagu-chan!!! Sayu gets bugged by some entertainers time to time because of her cutesy act but She ignore them completely or counter attack them with clever comments~!!!
Yagu-chan got bullied by some entertainers because of her energetic and somewhat brat like act but when she got hit by some entertainers, she actuall fought back literally!!! She even hit them more too make sure they don't bother her anymore~^^~

Once again, please understand some Japanese TV shows are somewhat aggressive..
But they are doing these for the comedic value nothing more nothing less!
But like I said earlier, I don't like entertainers who bully H!P girls even if it's just for fun!!!!!!!!!!!


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