Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blood Types of Hello! Project Members~!!!

In these pictures, H!P members are divided into 4 groups according to their blood types~^^~ You can enlarge the pictures if you click them~!!!

Blood Type A:

8 members are "A"!!!

Blood Type B & AB:

6 members are "B"~! Only 2 members are "AB"... And for S/mileage's sub-members, 3 of them are "O" & 2 of them are "A"~^^~

Blood Type O:

10 members are "O"~!!!

They need to add more "AB" in H!P~!!! I am saying this because I am "AB" and there are only few "AB" in H!P even if you think about the former members too... I want to see a special unit form by only "AB"~^^~

Pictures are from
Chisato Intelligence Agency