Saturday, August 6, 2011

She Won the Poll! Kamei Eri TIME!

Our Kame won the poll this week! Congratulations to her..
It's delayed again, I apologize about it. I'm a little bit busy lately.. :)
So, here are the votes results..

Who is your favorite Morning Mumsume who graduated from 6th generation to 8th generation?
Kamei Eri
  58 (46%)
Kusumi Koharu
  26 (20%)
  20 (16%)
  21 (16%)
Votes so far: 125

Koha, Junjun, and Linlin's votes didn't half to Kamei's votes. Still, they're one of the members who gave so many memories in H!P.
Anyways, I just made the header, hope you guys like it. The colors didn't seem to match at all, I think. I just got the feeling of it. :P
So, for the next poll, we'll have "What's Your Most Awaited Single?".
So, don't forget to cast your vote everyone!

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