Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sayumi Will be the Voice of A Character called "Harori"

Sayu will be the voice of the character called "Harori" in the MMO RPG game "Dragon Nest"! YEY~!
I'm glad Sayu will voice a character, which is totally cute, and it's my  favorite color~! KYAA~! Whooops.. XD
She attended a cosplay convention, and presented her character. It's just soooo cuuuuuttte~~~!!!
I can't stop smiling looking at her wearing this outfit.. 
Maybe I'm too obsessed of the color she's wearing..
Oh, well.. To those who are playing this game, don't forget to look forward for her character.. It's going to be so cuutee.

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  1. great for sayu! She is such an adorable person! ^___^