Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sakichy Smile Campaign

As everyone knows, our beloved Ogawa Saki of S/mileage is leaving in three days time. Saturday will be her last public appearance as a member of S/mileage, and then we won't have much of a chance to see her anymore.

Saki isn't even going to have a special graduation concert or event, and she's too special to let go just like that!

So because of that, we're creating the Sakichy Smile Campaign.

It's inspired from the 10,000 Smile Campaign S/mileage had to do as challenge for their debut, and they managed to pull it off with over 16,000 smiles! S/mileage will always work hard, and we want to work hard too for Saki's and their sake.

Please send in a photo of your smiling face, as a 150x200 pixels jpeg file. Send off Saki with your brightest smile, to show your support!

Email your photo to with your well wishes for Saki if you want!

The deadline for sending in your smiles is 12PM Japan Time, Saturday 27 August. The smiles will be compiled into a mosaic just for Saki, and we'll let you know how many people sent in their smiles!

Please support this campaign for Saki, and continue to support her forever!

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