Sunday, August 14, 2011

Morning Musume's 47th Single is the Single Most Fans Are Waiting For!

I made a poll if what single you guys most awaited for.. and the most fan's chose Morning Musume's 47th Single!
Well, it's the last single of Ai-chan, so it's expected that this will have the most votes.
I apologize again and again for having a very delayed post.. I've been so busy, and our summative exam is coming up this week so I have to study..
Anyways, I manage to design the new banner yesterday, but didn't manage to post this.
So for the next poll, it's going to be about the S/mileage's new members. YUP! "Which New Member of S/mileage Do You Like Most?". I decided that the banner of the week next week will feature all the new S/mileage members, but the winner will stand out, which you guys have to look forward to it.
Don't forget to cast your vote guys!

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