Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HP's Multiple Lair in FB (Official and Unofficial)

Looking for people you could share your HP love with? Then here's a list of bot official and unofficial fanpages in FB where everyone shares the same fandom......
let's start with the official pages..

Tsunuko He's like Hello Project's FATHER! So Pls. Support his page too, however, I have no freaking idea if he actually ever visits his page since most of his posts were via his Twitter Account

C-ute C-ute's online popularity doesn't just stop in Youtube cause they're the only "GROUP" in HP to have an official account in Facebook...Not to mention they're the first group to have an official channel both in YT and FB! And the staff is always updating us with C-ute's activity via status posts, pictures and links.

Mano Erina She's the second HP artist to have her official Facebook Fanpage. We're not that updated with their wall posts but they do it via pictures.

Hangry and Angry Pls. Support XD

Up-Front Link You should check this out, the update us with posts that ARE in english and french, which is an advantage for non-japanese HP fans and as their name suggests "Up-Front Link to the World". It's pretty much updated with HP news, events, videos and pictures. So Pls. Check it out!
Now let's proceed to unofficial pages that I think deserves to be noticed by HP!!! Hahahaha! And I hope with their extension in FB, they could bump into this worthy fanpages....

Hello! Project So far, I think this is the most numbered HP fanpage apart from the individual/group fanpages in FB. It is updated daily with events, news, pictures and videos. Also this page is currently on-going with their 30-day HP Challenge.
Current Likes: 7,478

Hello! Project Community It shares the same features as the fanpage above and is one of the most updated HP fanpage
Current Likes: 1,406

Hello Project (Latinoamerica) As their name suggests, it's a fanpage for those Latin-American. They're PP maybe BK but their page covers everything about HP!
Current Likes: 1,487

Hello! Project Philippines I wasn't sure if I should add it here, but since it's HP-related I did. Unlike the other fanpages above, this one is like a fanpage for the PH version of HP. They have their own rendition of MM in the name of Ivy!Musume and more.
Current Likes: 1,084

Hello!Project C-ute This probably is the most updated unofficial C-ute fanpage.
Current Likes: 4,727

Morning Musume The biggest HP-related fanpage in FB (Correct me if I'm wrong =P). They have daily updates too so be sure to LIKE it if you haven't yet ^_^. Geez, it even outnumbered the official ones..hahahah! Tsunuko better make this one MM's official page!
Current Likes: 25,639

So that's it for now, and if your fanpage is not mentioned here just tell us via comment below and we'll feature it in another post!
I hope everyone continues to support HP!!! I wonder if HP people ever noticed this pages but I hope they do!


  1. there's a fanpage from Malaysia.

  2. thank you for promoting the page, hidayuki!!!!<3

  3. thanks to admin Jack & admin Azhar for create Morning Musume Malaysia fanpage...tq also to hidayuki for promoting the page...

  4. thank you for sharing your pages

  5. join the malaysian page , n u will know why the page is hillarious eventhough there is only less than 1K people who like it

  6. but i couldn't understand your language..hahaha..I think we already did like and added that page in Hello! Project fanpage

  7. nah..
    if you can't understand it, we'll make it simple for you to understand

  8. Italy!!!