Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday to Iida Kaori~^^~!!!

Hello everyone today(It's 8/8 in Japan) is Kaorin's 30th birthday!!! Let's all wish her a very very happy and lovely birthday~^^~! She was a part of Hello! Project and best known as a founding member of the
Morning Musume. She's currently a member of Dream Morning Musume.

She was a great leader like the other leaders of Morning Musume (From 2001 - 2005)!!! She's the last one to leave Morning Musume in her Generation (From 1997 - 2005)~ And also she was the tallest member during her time in the group (About 168 cm). And please enjoy some pictures of her!

She is such a beauty~^^~!!! I hope her dreams and wishes will come
true in the future!

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